In English – Sustainable world for all

”Sustainable world for all” is the theme for the Churches’ Week for Global Justice, and the aim is to give an introduction to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable development goals (SDG:s).








Churches’ Week for Global Justice 2017 aims to build awareness on how churches and organisations contribute to the fulfillment of the SDG:s, how the goals affect us all, and how we all can do something!

Without losing courage or hope, we want to join in building a sustainable and fair world. We welcome you to join in activities, worship and prayer!

Churches’ Week for Global Justice is organised by the Christian Council of Sweden and the Swedish Mission Council in collaboration with Diakonia, Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, Life & Peace Institute, PMU, Sensus Study Association, the Study Association Bilda, Church of Sweden, Church of Sweden Youth, Uniting Church in Sweden and the Swedish Ecumenical Women’s Council.

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