There is hope!

Arrangör Utrikespolitiska föreningen, Life & Peace Institute, Bilda
Datum 2012-11-26
Tid 19.15
Plats Uppsala Universitet
Adress St Olofsgtan 10
Ort Uppsala

There is hope!
-about rights to a future for Somalis in the world’s largest refugee camp

There are around half a million refugees in the Dadaab camps in eastern Kenya, almost all of them from Somalia. When initiated 20 years ago, the settlement was planned for maximum 90 000 refugees! Only a limited number of refugees have been able to return to Somalia or get asylum in another country. “Rights to a future” means both individual human rights while in the settlement and return or re-settlement in another country.

Leah Acheing Odongo is a lawyer and works for the Lutheran World Federation World Service Kenya with the refugee program. She is in Sweden in November 2012 as a guest speaker for the Global Week of Justice (Kyrkornas Globala Vecka) with the theme “Across borders – about migration and refugees”.

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